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KT’s Week 9: Competition Time

If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, I journal about events, adventures and my fit life chronicles. Boring to some yet entertaining to others.

For those of you who find my entries entertaining, you should note I am super competitive. I am competitive in sports, in business, and just about everything in life. It’s okay for others to win, but I compete to win whatever I set out to do for me. I may play the same game, compete in the same workout, or bid the same job, but I compete for me and that is a differentiator.

My goals may be different than yours. You may win the tennis match but my goal might have been to improve my serve or win a volley. I am still competing and I am still a winner but at my own inner game. I will never tell my goals to most as they are what I battle for internally. The internal game fuels my soul, but others don’t partake in that.

This week I am competing in a partner CrossFit event. In the spotlight of some sort. Seeking attention as some would say. Mid-life crisis to others and those who can’t endure will cast hate. I don’t expect to win my division but I expect to compete and put up my best performance in the assigned movements while being a good partner for my teammate. I will cheer her on when she needs it and I will strategize with her on movements, transitions, and working towards our strengths. I will wipe sweat, fuel my body, and push my limits mentally and physically for the duration of the event.

I will feel the rush of adrenaline. I will smile from ear to ear. I will show others that I can conquer what I set my mind to. I will celebrate my friendship with a friend I met at our box 2 years ago. A friend who is competing with me for the third time. She thinks we are craZy but she will sign up for another soon. I just know it!

And what brings her back for more? It has to be the team name. We are Sparkle and Snatch, the dynamic duo for this event. Last competition, Team Hot Mess. The 40-something chicks with sass and smarts. Full-time day jobs but a hunger to live life full of fitness and fun.

The big obstacle this week for me is physical health. Can I compete? Can I push through mentally and physically? Why the change in tone in my writing? I suffered a random injury this week. A calf pull – not during my tennis match, but after. I celebrated too early or had too much fun and *boom* I pulled my muscle skipping off the court. Who does that? This girl. It was a significant pull. One that left me limping to my car and tapped out for the rest of the tennis tournament.

This injury means rest, ice, recovery, some muscle scraping, taping, and some patience to see if I can bounce back to perform the required movements in the competition. If you think about it, your calf is vital to functions such as walking, running, jumping and so on. And of course the competition calls for those type of movements. #realworldproblems

What a crappy Monday! My coach took away more carbs…sigh. And of course she keeps that protein number up there in the sky where I have difficulty reaching it.

New week new digits:

115 carbs
57 fat
130 protein

Ah, trying new things to get to that dreaded protein number. Bacon? Yes, more bacon please. A side of protein chips compliments of Quest. At least they crunch like a regular chip.

While I focus on stepping up my protein game this week I am also focusing on not being in my feelings about my injury. A minor setback, yet a humbling experience. I’m still working out, just scaling some movements. I particularly made friends with the Ski Erg this week. It allowed me to work my upper body without engaging my calf. And I actually liked it. One of my gym buddies pushed me to do some GHDs and of course there was no excuse not to put in core work.

Nutrition this week is preparing my body for the competition that I am hopeful to attend. That’s all folks. Next update is next week. Don’t eat too many bon bons waiting for the next post.

#Sparkle-N-Snatch October 2018. Praying for the ability to compete. This is my goal at this point: to compete. That is my inner challenge that I don’t normally share. Will I overcome my obstacles?

Next competition is set for December 2018. Squad competition: Team is named All Jacked Up. Can’t wait to share that jacked up story with you and hopefully I won’t be injured. #athleteprobs

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KT and the Blimp

OMG is she for real?

I got a new nutrition coach this week and WOW! She is gonna make me the Goodyear Blimp. Well, that is what I say now and I mean it but she tells me to trust the process. Hmmm. I am a rule follower which means I am going to trust the process but then I am also going to let the world know how it’s going too, from week 1 to week 12. Little does my coach know she is in the spotlight, so let’s hope she commits to me in the same way I am committing to her?!?!

185 carbs, 145 protein, 75 fat. Those are my magic macro numbers this week. What does this mean? It means I am counting my macros or macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat. This is just a way to monitor my food choices vs. counting calories or limiting my food options to paleo or ketogenic for example.

I don’t have any diet restrictions other than I can only eat what fits my macros for the day. This means I’m not on a diet. I’m merely working with a coach who helps me have a better relationship with my food which yields better food choices.

So if I want to eat ice cream all day, I can, but I have to eat only what is allotted in my macros! It’s easy once you get the hang of it but it’s not an exact science to figure your numbers so starting with a new coach is scary as we learn about each other.

I recently came off a cut period in which I had good results. My magic numbers were 150 carbs, 120 protein, 48 fat. Sooooo my new numbers are a lot higher. This equates to another big meal and I have to force myself to eat it. Real world problems, right?

So, I’m journaling my experience to maybe help others out there. Let’s see how this goes. 12 weeks of magic or mystery. Just hoping for 12 steps forward not backwards. Maybe if I am brave I will post pics at the end. #trusttheprocess #putinwork #consistencycounts

Just so you know, this is my second round with a coach and I am working hard to lean out my body to improve my gym performance and overall health. Fab/fit at 50 is my ultimate goal and the hope to see ab muscles in the future is like the cherry on top. But really it’s the process of digging deep mentally to get it done and the ability to continually reinvent yourself that I want to share.

As I wrap up the week, I did my hard CrossFit WOD at 8am then added some bonus abs work and headed over to a Pilates studio for another round of torture. When I was done my body said “feed me” and of course I said yes! I went to my favorite Saturday morning breakfast spot and fueled up. See the pics below. And note this food fits into my macros so it’s a win for me today.

Wish me luck and feel free to ask any questions about the process. I am sure you have read a bunch of times that I like to inspire others. So here goes.