Meet the 2 Chicks

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Meet KT

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KT is a Mom, a CEO, a CrossFit Addict, a Mentor, an Author, a Coach, a Storyteller, and so much more.  On this online blog, you’ll see Karen share her views, opinions, adventures, and her personality.  This is just one of the 31 flavors she has to offer. Thanks for visiting! Visit often. Drop us a line and let us know what you think about our site.  You never know what post might influence a book!

Karen operates multiple women-owned small businesses, including Mission Critical Power, Tinker Vision and 2 Chicks and a Pen.  KT stays active during the year, participating in CrossFit competitions, local races, and seeking adventures at every turn.  KT often chronicles her journeys online to inspire others. Can’t wait until she shares her farm adventures with the world. Her spirit is infectious.


Meet Librarybeth 


Librarybeth is a sort of sweet, sort of sassy, poetry-passionate librarian. She loves singing, writing, farmer’s markets, eating where the locals eat, back porches, and happiness presents. You’ll find her wearing Birkenstocks or CrossFit shoes nearly every day, whether it’s winter time or wedding season. Rumor has it there may be boots on her horizon!

A teacher by trade, Beth has worked with students from pre-k to college. She speaks at conferences and workshops locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, sharing her insights on literacy, libraries, and diversity. But, the audience that matters most is her school community in Buford, GA. Librarybeth also provides consulting and editing services for the small business community.