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KT’s Week 6: Food, Toilet Paper and…?!?!

Well, here we are at another week in the fab fit fun journey I call life. My life is crazy most days, but that is what I love about it and why I decided to twist my tangled web of life into this blog spot this week. Wait, I do that every week! #itsallaboutme

Let’s start with my opening pic. Those are my tired legs on Saturday morning. Thick thighs matter people and so does rest and relaxation. I get up and hit the gym early on Saturdays and when my schedule allows I double up and knock out an extra workout with Pilates. This was the drill this week and it was bitter sweet all around. I said good bye to one of my favorite CrossFit coaches then scooted over to Pilates where I got my ass, abs, and thighs into tip top shape. Just kidding! The attempt was made only. No abs are visible yet because if there were abs I would post a pic, trust me!

I fueled the beast (me) then back home to my circular spinny chair that is amazing. I flopped my lazy and sore butt into that fabulous chair. I write most of this blog in the spinny chair for those of you who need a visual. All while the hubs thinks I’m texting friends but I’m really writing….he is just oblivious. Feet kicked up relaxing, looking out the windows at the sunshine or the rain, each of which is calming in its own special way. I read, write, think, create and rewrite in this chair that spins like my life: round and round we go like hamsters on a hamster wheel.

This week a special friend told me that he knows what I do every minute of my week thanks to my online presence. Well if you read this post, I dedicate this one to you! Ha Ha, not really. I don’t post the end of my toilet paper rolls on here, or the number of times I hit the commode, but I could, since poop sells. I don’t post the amount of time I spend on glam sessions, or the big deals I close 9-5 as a boss lady. I don’t post about all the petty crap the comes across my work desk on the daily. I don’t post about all the stupid people I have to exercise patience with, sometimes repeatedly. And I don’t post about my sex life. So there, we will get back to my fab, fit, fun life instead. But I do take requests so if you need a commode column or a sex life column just let me know and I will see if I can acCOMODate your inquiring minds?!?!?! Hope I disappoint you with the sex title 😉

My fun Friday started this week when my CrossFit box brought in some new equipment. Ski Erg’s were in the box for us to rise and grind, promptly at 6:30am. It was different, fun, and it got my heart pumping and the sweat dripping which is exactly what I needed for the stressful work day that was on the horizon. It’s been about 20-25 years since I went skiing. Holy cow, that makes me feel old! And it took me a minute to get the motion going but I conquered the Ski Erg and I am looking forward to it being in my workout mix.

FNL or Friday Night Lights rounded out the day for me. A little tailgating, a blue snow cone, and the nasty smell of high school boys post-game. Supporting my local community team. Cheering on a boy who is destined for the NFL and hanging with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was good time sitting in the stands, listening to the fans cheer, watching the engaging half-time show and smelling the aroma of a backyard bbq.

This week’s game had a purpose. A good fight kind of purpose. Each of the feeder schools fought to collect food for their local food pantries. What a great way to help others. Being a blogger is purposeful and I challenge each of my readers to make an impact on their community. Donate this week or month to a local food bank. Don’t have the means? Volunteer. Volunteering at a food bank is one of the most humbling experiences one can have.

In honor of the food fight I will be posting food pics this week to give you a glimpse at my food choices this week. Some people don’t understand what it means to count macros and others think I am always on a diet. I really just choose what I want to eat and make it fit in my daily macros.

#iifym – if it fits your macros you eat it. 🍩 🍕 🌮 🍔 🥦 🥩 🥛 🥓 🍦 🧀 🍳 ☕️

  • Steak, chicken, zucchini and onion kabobs was a mid-day Saturday meal while football was blazing at my house.
  • Way too spicy shrimp on a Monday. I needed that protein but they were just too damn spicy!
  • Weekly go-to items: yogurt almost daily #nofat mighty muffin #chocolatefix cheese stick and clif bar are #onthegosnacks
  • Need to avoid items on the daily: cookies, especially the ones the hubbie buys in bogo pack #nothelpful
  • Hydration: I have been drinking Ice flavored water as my go-to drink or no calorie drink but my coach insisted I get some real water in the mix. Enter the water challenge. I’m at about a 3:1 ratio, or 3 flavored Ice to 1 plain Jane water #progress #hopefloatsthisweek
  • Starbucks: I haven’t gone a week without my rocket fuel at least a couple days. This is the time of year I switch from iced coffee to hot. I’m sticking with a skinny caramel macchiato for now but I’m really waiting for their infamous caramel brûlée to hit the scene next month….but I’m hoping the skinny version will be in my macro range.
  • Pasta salad mid-week. Got some peppers, onion, tomatoes and a cheese stick for some fat and protein. This is a meal I could eat daily. Compliments to my sister for making that yummy dish for me this week. #takesanarmytofeedme #stillnotgoodinthekitchen
  • Slacker alert: I missed some photo food ops this week. My bad it’s fall break here so the kiddos are off schedule. #realitytookover

Remember fitness/nutrition is an investment in you not an expense. Keep moving and challenging yourself.

You control the when you eat, what you eat, and how your body feels because of this week my macros are:

130 carbs

62 fat

130 protein

PSA: this blog is written by KT aka Chick 1. KT announced this blog with a quick Instagram video. She added a twist to her storytelling this week by adding her voice. You have seen her in pics which is also by design. Adding video lets you hear the author’s voice. Another layer of creativity which is part of 2 CHX overall style. 2 CHX is always creating and reinventing themselves. Following Dr. Seuss’s lead….why fit in when you were born to stand out? Which is also a celebration of aging women in our eyes.

In your 40s you have experienced life. Success, failures, births, deaths, and technology growth. Now, you can sit back and settle for all things the same / meh or you can create the new beautiful version of you as you tackle your 50s and beyond. This overall blog section will show you our vision for our own personal growth as we hope to inspire others to create their own version of a sexy, beautiful, strong self after 40.

A little tidbit for our readers: KT.247 is her brand within many affiliated brands or entities. KT blogs here as a creative outlet and means of storytelling and as yet another layer of the complex business woman, coach, athlete, momma, friend and CrossFit addict that KT represents. It is only one slice of the pie. Some will like the slice and others may crave more. KT often says she is an acquired taste, one that takes time to appreciate. If you want to stick around, she will be writing here for six long months about her fab, fit, fun life adventures. Stick around or not, the choice is yours.

Until next time…..

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