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KT’s Week 4 = PrOgReSS

I am going to start out by announcing my big yet small purchase this week. I bought a new scale. To be specific, I brought a RENPHO scale from Amazon. It ties into my Apple health and has some neat features within its app. (See the pics below).  It was a $30 investment with good reviews online. I am pretty happy with it so far. It replaces my older, more expensive scale but the technology is far more advanced so it was a good investment.

One of the benefits of this scale is its Bluetooth capability. It syncs directly to the app when I get on the scale. Why is this so important? Because there have been a few days in the course of my journey that I didn’t like the number on the scale so guess what? I didn’t put that yucky number into the MyFitnessPal app. I had a choice and I opted not to highlight my less than stellar performance. That means I manipulated the program to yield the results I wanted. Hmmmm…how many people do that in some area of their lives?

At the end of the day I am only cheating myself, and for that the accountability feature of the Bluetooth connection is awesome for me. I am legitimately committing to what the scale inputs into my app. Talk about stepping up my game. When you commit to six months with your coach you need to evaluate everything you do so you end up with results you want at the end. It’s all you. The coach is just your guide.

If you follow this blog I can only hope it inspires you to take whatever step is the next step for YOU in a journey to living healthier.

It always amazes me when I get a note or message from someone telling me I have inspired them. This week it came from a girl in Germany. She told me she loves watching my fit life unfold online. I INSPIRE her. These are the magic words for me. If I know I am under a microscope and have the potential to impact others, I am going to push that much harder for me and those that I influence.

Danke schoen to my Deutschland pen pal of the week. You made my blog post! For the rest of you In blog land: you could be the lucky one to make an appearance in my blog post next week if you send me a personal note!

The numbers report (not the weather report):

Carbs: 150
Fat: 65
Protein: 130

And since the new scale entered the picture, I figured I would post the number for inquiring minds!

The SCALE says: wait maybe next time I will share 😜 ⚠️🙄

But remember, the scale is just a number. I feel great. I look strong. My doctor says I’m healthy. I don’t take medication. My attitude is positive. I’m sporting a new tattoo. And most importantly my mental game is uncompromised.

Hugs, high-fives, fist bumps, and toasts to all who read and react to this week’s KT chronicles.

And for that I am posting some highlights of a gym session with some badass ladies I workout with each week. Each of them inspire me in a different way and are a key ingredient in my success to this point.

And on a closing note my husband bought me a scale a long time ago as a gift. I resented him for it for years as I always thought it signified his discontent with my shape post-child rearing however he was most likely doing it to provide me a tool. At that time in my life I was too busy being a mom to realize and appreciate the gesture. And now when he sees I bought a new scale I think he was in utter shock and disbelief. Hats off to hubs who helps motivate and support me. I can totally get away with writing this tidbit since he never reads my blog posts!

Closing thoughts for this week: My progress on the scale isn’t enough for me to scream and shout about but there were plenty of NSV’s (Non-Scale Victories) this week. My middle child hit 18 this week. I skipped another round of cake. I hit some PR’s in the gym (trimmed another 43 seconds on my mile time) and I even went to a high tea party with friends to celebrate yet another birthday. See my fancy pic!

Oh September, go away already. Too many opportunities with all these birthdays around me.

Wish me luck next week.

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