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KT’s Week 5 – Consistency and the Power of a Compliment

Week five is a reflection week. How good have I been with my food tracking? How consistent is my gym attendance? How well have I done meal prepping? Did I sneak in some alcohol? Did I munch on that dessert? Am I sleeping well? Does the scale like me this week?

As I close out September I see plenty of room to improve and that’s what I am going to do. No more birthday excuses! No more extra dark chocolate covered almonds….I mean they are soooo hard to resist. It’s definitely hard to count out a handful and say that’s my ration. That’s it. 🤧

I am going to focus on being consistent as the fall and fluffy clothes weather are upon me. Why? Because it is easy to hide under the fluffy clothes and I want abs for Christmas this year!

I’m going to hit some clearance racks this week and buy a swim suit two sizes too small to use as my winter motivation. Let’s see how I measure up as we get to 2019 and bikini season!?!

As a bonus tidbit this week, I am putting a shout out to those college kids who are on their own for the first time and may want to give in to the freshman weight gains. Don’t do it. Commit to yourself and your education. It’s all about life balance. You can do it!

With reflections you can identify strengths and weaknesses. This week I turned a corner and hit my protein numbers more consistently, thanks to a new item I tossed into the food mix that cures my sweet tooth and gives me some protein. Check out the FlapJacked mighty muffin hack this week. If you are traveling, in the office break room, or in your college dorm this is a great fill in. This is a quick and easy eat that tastes soooo good! Just add water and you get some decent protein and curbs that sweet tooth. Not an everyday stable mable but a good alternative for when you need it. Double chocolate is the way to go and you can get them on amazon. Super easy!

Short post this week. Just keeping true to my word of a weekly post on my fab and fit journey. Less is more sometimes.

And my extra special bonus this week came from my kid’s doctor who said I looked amazing. I hadn’t seen him in six months so it was nice that he noticed. The power of a compliment like this fuels motivation. It really does. Getting noticed for the hard work you put it is just fabulous. And the shocked look on his face of “Wow, you look good!” made it that much better. Watch out world. I still got some game in me! Fab. Fit. Fun….and now super cute!

Toodles for now. 😘

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