RV Life Episode 4

I see the sand!

Navarre Beach, Florida here we come.

It’s the Fourth of July 2022. I was tipped off to this hot spot from a friend earlier this year and found some time to squeeze in a short trip. Friends in tow. Bikes loaded for exploration. Dogs are excited for play time in the sand. No have to’s on the list just play time. Fun in the sun is on the agenda.

The stillness in the morning on the private beach is simply mesmerizing. Breakfast cozied up outside in the fresh air was welcoming especially when friends came over for coffee and wordle chit chat. Breakfasts consisted of eggs and bacon, waffles and apples, avocado toast with grated hard boiled eggs. A serious must try for those wondering about this great tik tok hack. Grating the hard boiled egg adds flair to your basic breakfast for sure.

Nights were equally pleasurable. The calmness of the water and the sun set was the same view yet completely different vibe. I could have done without the mosquitos on this trip but I guess my skin is so sweet they just found me super attractive. Yes I am going to keep telling myself that.

Catching the newly realized episodes of Stranger Things outside at night with the cooler air was nice. This particular camping retreat also had a nice cozy common area that included swings, games and a fire pit to entertain everyone in a little different way.

Too many stories to share. I will just leave this note for those who camp by tent or by RV. Mark the Hideaway Camping Retreat in Navarre Beach, Florida as must visit spot. Great for all ages and as peaceful as sites come.  I may have had the best site in area. Spot 4 to be exact. Tent campsites offered power which made it manageable for a friend who opted for that mode of camping.

I didn’t mention the kayaks, paddle boards or bikes specifically, but those were great bonuses on this adventure. Despite a little rain we still packed in a lot of action into our holiday stay. Another sticker is marked on the RV for states we camped in. Making memories one trip at a time.

Wishing everyone a spectacular Fourth of July as this year I’m spending mine beachside in my own little sanctuary.

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