RV Life Episode 2

June has arrived and the RV is ready for its next road trip, or is it? That’s really the big question. The RV has been in the shop for some minor maintenance but thanks to parts delays it just got back in time for the trip but really not fully tested. 

First stop was the gas station. A burning smell. What the heck? This is a 2022 model what could be burning? Well the air conditioner in the cab was blowing hot air and a decision was made to go air free for the first few hours while we traveled to our destination since the RV shops were not open yet. I was thinking this was risky but pressed on. I was also think and RV may be worse than a boat as far as what could go wrong.

4 hours later the air worked and the smell was no more. No explanation. Just chalked this one up to weirdness on the road. The RV held up for the 12 hour trip. 3 stops for gas and guess what diesel prices are up over $1.00 per gallon since the last trip. Guess the piggy bank funds go to gas this summer.

As we rolled into our destination, the newness set in. This RV resort was aged compared to the last trip when the resort was brand new. Also note a resort RV destination is different from a RV campground when it come to frills in the amenities area. The cement pads were bumpy and the power and sewer hookups were older. Old doesn’t mean bad, just a different experience. The first challenge was leveling the RV. The auto leveler wasn’t working due to a slope issue. Then the hydraulics failed on one leg. That means a trip to Home Depot before it closes.

I think the candle above is missing a line. New problems expected. I suppose each trip will come with challenges thus having a positive mindset and a tool box is required. A jack was purchased to balance the one side where the leg did not extend. Something that shouldn’t happen on a new RV but it did. Lesson learned to be prepared and brace for any unexpected challenge. Pack the tools. Make sure you have the internet to google fixes and so on.

Sunrise and sunset were absolutely beautiful at this waterfront site. The cranes visited the waterfront multiple times in the morning. Listening to the sounds and watching their actions were an experience in itself. Many folks took up fishing on the bay. Noting big catches of catfish. I didn’t fish but enjoyed being a spectator. There was a family of ducks nearby as well. It was cute to watch them in and out of the water. A little clan.

Had some farm fresh ice cream from a local dairy down the road as well. A sweet treat I won’t complain about even if my waist line might not be as appreciative. Great sleep. Fresh air. Many memories were made. The next voyage is around the corner. I’m sure we will limp along to that site since there is no time to put the RV in shop.

Wish me luck as I travel the states this summer. Many destinations are on the horizon. Not sure how many I’ll write about, but it’s my hopes that I will be inspired to share my travel stories with you in the weeks and months ahead.

RV destination one was Biloxi, Mississippi and RV destination two was Baltimore, Maryland. Both city and state had the irony of the same initials. Odd footnote that wasn’t planned. Just a random fact as the step stop is Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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