A Colorful Post

I attended a conference recently and I didn’t have the agenda ahead of time. Not my fault just the way the story goes. My first session was an LGBT training that covered a lot of ground. I wasn’t expecting to be fully engulfed in the subject, but I welcomed the learning opportunity. I surprisingly learned a good bit and felt the topic deserved some space on the blog in case others could benefit from the same knowledge.

L is for lesbian.

G is for gay.

B is for bisexual.

T is for transgender.

This is not a judgment post rather it’s an educational post. One to share information without judgment no matter where you come from or how you feel about those in these these categories.

The clip above is small but it’s worth a zoom to read about each category even if it’s just to understand a little more than you already knew about the subject and/or categories.

As noted above I learned a lot about a topic many fear. Too much to include in one post thus I will leave you tidbits that struck me as interesting.

  • Assisted living facilities today are not welcoming for the LGBT community. Many older generations struggle with acceptance thus having same sex partners share a space would be very much out of the ordinary and not welcomed. Just think many elderly today lived through the 80’s in the midst of the aid’s epidemic. That may be their only knowledge on the subject.
  • 1953 Gays were banned from federal jobs. 1973 you couldn’t get fired from federal jobs for being gay (if you even got a job). 1993 Don’t ask Don’t tell hit the military, but ended in 2011. In 2016 the Obama administration ends the ban on transgender in military. Shortly after trump bans transgender again in the military after he became president. Then in 2021 Biden overturned the ban on transgender in the military. So much disapproval within the government. So much confusion. I’m not choosing either side I’m merely noting the chaos.
  • Q is for questioning. Those questioning if they are gay, bisexual, etc. I feel like I’ve lived under a rock for not understanding the depth of this phase for many individuals in varying age groups. So many variables such as religious beliefs, family dynamic, social norms, and so on.
  • I also didn’t realize how many young people become homeless because of the disapproval they receive when they come out about their sexual preference. Some are even forced into Survival sex to stay alive. This was probably the most saddening for me as it involved suffering of young people. However on the flip side I learned of that some incarcerated people choose to partake in survival sex in exchange for protection while in prison. However once out of prison society doesn’t recognize those same people as gay, rather its more accepted due to environmental conditions Liek an all male prison and the need to survive. What an irony in my mind. A child can be forced into survival sex yet a prisoner faces less judgment for similar choice.
  • if I go any further I would be too long winded on a controversial subject. I would however encourage you to read up on the history of LGBT since 1980. You will learn more than you want to on aids. You may see some interesting videos. You might even think about how you don’t agree with people who choose to be vegan or vegetarian but you don’t deny them food. In the same contrast we shouldn’t let those in the LGBT fear society because they choose to live a certain way.
  • just a good food thought post. Life is a journey. Life’s journey is full of lived experiences. Today I lived through the lens of another who is in the LGBT community to foster growth in myself. I can only encourage others to expand their knowledge on the subject.

 no sides taken from me ont his subject as I am neutral. I will always choose to love others for who they are not what they practice behind closed doors. 

Feel free to post comments or feedback but know we won’t share hate messages rather we will just have awareness on how our audience views our post ont his controversial subject.

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