I do enjoy a good title to a blog. I find the simple pleasure of choosing the title is soul satisfying to me. This title is not your typical business post. It’s more about the word business and it’s variation as it is used. 

I own a business.

You need to mind your own business.

My health is my private business.

My business is none of your business.

As you can see by the statements above the word business can take shape in multiple ways. Business can be a tangled web in most folk’s lives, mine included. For today’s post I will just give you the business.

In recent days, a health issue arose in my tribe. A mental health day was needed. It was nobody’s business but the person and whom they chose to share it with. Despite this, many around the way gave that private business the run around. Meaning they formulated their own opinion and cast judgment, ridicule, etc. Not any of their business but many made it their business. My two cents: if you are not medically qualified to weigh in on any health issue, don’t. Stay away from the topic. If you don’t want your health on the next Wall Street Journal cover don’t talk about others.

I own a private company. My business is private. That means I know my financial numbers and so does the IRS. My private business is not for general viewing and anyone who makes assumptions of such success or failure is in essence assuming. My two cents: if it’s not your business it’s not your problem.

The water cooler conversations. The coach. The kid. The parents. The fans. The officials The coach is paid to handle the athletes. The athletes work hard for the coach. The parent’s business is only to cheer for the athletes. The coaches’ business is developing the athletes and that varies greatly in most cases. The fans are in the fan business, not the officiating business. No matter what sporting event I attend, from youth to high school to college to professional the fans are all still the same level of crazy. They yell insane stuff. They coach from the sidelines. They make the whole match/game their business, but it’s not their business. Paying to attend an event doesn’t qualify you to coach or officiate the event. No more than giving medical advice when you are not medically qualified to do so.

All of the above blows my mind when any of the above is front and center for me. Sometimes my business is up for debate or discussions. Sometimes it’s my kids business. On occasion it’s another family member’s business. Nonetheless this post is about the word business and it’s usage.

If the business at hand is not your business, mind your own business. If your neighbor has cows in their yard and they don’t bother you, don’t ask about it. It’s not your business. 

Just ranting about everyday life here. I did have random cows show up next door to my home in suburbia recently. They stuck out like a sore thumb but it was none of my business. Of course, others couldn’t refrain from minding others’ business and away went the cows in the middle of the night. Life is full of odd days. I try to mind my own business most of those days. 

However I am not perfect. I am working on perfecting the mind my own business philosophy. You should pull back the reins and see how you are doing in this area.

Are you a nosey neighbor in other people’s business?

Are you a fanatical fan boy/girl obsessed with officiating a game you don’t know the rules of?

Do you probe in your friend’s financial business?

Do you like to coach from the sidelines of your kid’s game but never take the time to coach yourself?

So much business to rant about.

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