Dreams vs. Reality

Most people have ideas of some sort that float around in their headspace at any given time. Sometimes those ideas turn into daydreams or even dream sequences at night.

A racing mind can be a blessing for some and a curse for others. When a person can harness their dreams and turn them into reality, the magic happens. It often equates to what many refer to as success. Although everyone’s definition of success is slightly different, I will highlight a few scenarios:

One may dream of a healthier lifestyle and put a plan of action together to work hard and live fit resulting in their ultimate success. No matter how long the journey takes the person is chipping away at the success they dreamed about.

A kid may dream of making their first high school sports team as a freshman, or they may want to go from a nobody to a somebody on the social side of school. Watch a child. They are resilient. They will chip away little by little and they are not afraid to try new methods to achieve success. Their minds are searching for solutions and they are soaking up knowledge by the second. As adults we can learn so much by channeling our inner child. The curiosity, the fearlessness, the desires of a child are amazing to watch, not to mention most kids can be doggedly persistent. Kids are born sales professionals. What happens when you become an adult? Do you lose all those traits or are they just hidden in your dreams?

Another may dream about getting a new job. It may be a job that is more challenging, a bigger pay rate, closer to home, among other reasons. Once the dream shifts to reality a plan is formulated: find targeted employers, update the resume, invest in a personal coach, buy the killer interview clothes and practice to seal the deal. It may take one interview but more often than not it will take more than one. Still, working the plan makes the dream become a reality and there will be many learning opportunities along the way that may spark new dreams.

For those living the military life, a new dream may take the form of aspirations to become an officer and lead troops in combat or maybe even become an officer who flies fighter jets. Whatever the dream is, hard work is involved to make the dream a reality. The chipper list associated with these dreams may include prerequisites such as a college degree, a minimum age requirement, a vision or health standard, a proficiency rating on charting or maps, among others.

Dreams, aspirations, and goals all lead somewhere but there is a common denominator in all of the ones that lead to success: there is a vision that turns into a plan which translates into reality. The plan, if designed well and properly executed, leads to completion or success.

If you are a person who struggles with making dreams turn into reality, start small and practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day and time surely passes by the minute. If you never try to forge ahead you will always float in the same space of dreamland and that is an empty and lonely space for many.

Start with a small journal and jot down your dreams and ideas. Take one and form a plan of action, then see where your dream takes you. Sounds simple, right?

Simplicity is key and there is no better time to start than now. Dreams can never become reality if you never take action to make your dreams your reality. Be you, for you. Write your own destiny today and in the future.

Duplicating success is easy once you understand the basics. Dream big. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Exiting that area of comfort is part of the WOW factor.

Become majestic in your own way.



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