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Soul Refreshment

I read a comment recently on social media.  It went something like this: friendship can be soul refreshing. That’s it. Simple. Clever. Clear. Refreshing the soul can be as easy as 1-2-3. Take the time. Gather your friends. Make room on the calendar…

Smile. Giggle. Do silly things. Take pictures. Share life updates. Repeat. Why? It’s refreshment for the soul. A recharge to the doom and gloom of the ordinary day. It’s a new outlook on the day even if it’s for a short time. I enjoy my time with friends and my refreshment spills over into other areas of life. 

For me today it was about the insert in the Jenga box. The cardboard piece that looks like an electrical outlet. It really wasn’t part of the game but it turned into part of my game. A photo session of sorts. For those few moments, we giggled and embraced our silly side. Not for any particular reason. The outcome is one for my memory book.

Below is a glimpse of my candids. These people are real. The smiles are genuine. These are a few of my pals and I very much enjoying doing whatever with them when we can get time all together. Fit friends all separated by different careers, family lives and social circles yet our passion for fitness has bound us to true pals. 

Time and distance can separate us but our bond is strong. One of these gems is training for a marathon. One is building endurance for a triathlon. One is conquering workouts at home to avoid Covid blah. A couple are die hard morning girls hitting the gym in the wee hours when they don’t want to get out from under the covers. One is challenging herself with 75 hard. Special. Unique. Amazing. Women of power in many ways.

In the end we all cheer for each other. By text. Video chat. Email. In-person. These friends of mine are refreshment for my soul. No matter the day, they are some of the strong women I lean on.

This is yet another adventure with rainbow sugar socks and rainbow fancy feet however this time bubbles pixie duster joined in along with some others. For those of you read my last adventure post, you would know where the name aliases came from. If not it might be worth a look back. I’ll try to mention some names in my upcoming adventures, friends edition.

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