Creepy Spiders

These black and yellow nuisance spiders are everywhere. I wake in the morning to their newly spun webs when I take my dogs out. They are not thin webs you just pass through. They are crafted by web masters who want you to feel their presence. The stick to you Like glue. The spiders themselves grow and multiply like nothing I’ve ever scene.

That web hits you. Sticks to you. Startles you. As you get the creeps, you look quickly for the lurking spider that is somewhere watching you. Then when you see it, you realize you are doomed. There are eggs in the webbing. And normally friends come over at night and camp out in their adjacent web. before you know it there is a colony of spiders surround your house. I had a legit panic attack when I got caught in the chaotic web this morning.

This past weekend I found them on my vehicle. From the side mirror to the back of the car. Across the truck bed on another vehicle. We even left one and road on the highway. 75 Miles per jour and that damn spider sat it’s it’s web like it was having the ride of its life. Maybe these spiders are going to take over.

If you go on vacation, beware. The suckers multiply and grow much like a weed. I house sat last week and the spider infestation  was disgusting at best. Black and yellow spiders need to go far away. However it seems my community is ground zero for these invasive spiders. Most people I know are plagued with them. They are just foul.

I will Most likely have spider nightmares tonight after writing this creepy post. Hope you enjoyed the creep Factor included in This post. Look at the spiders lurking in the air but it’s really that carefully spun web of nastiness.

Did I mention I don’t like spiders?

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