dare to be different

Dark Cold Quiet

My bedroom at 5 am is dark, cold and quiet now that fall is in the air. Blankets are out. Fluffy PJs are part of the wardrobe again. Floppy slippers for those lazy days.

My dog at the foot of my bed snoring. All cozied up without a care in the world. Why do I even want to get up? Why should I get up? It’s so much easier to just roll over, readjust those covers to snuggle these chilly mornings away. 

I actually get up to better myself. To start the day in a positive way. To get my workout in before any excuse takes over. To be accountable to my workout pals. For me the morning exercise routine is the best route but getting up doesn’t get any easier when fall comes. It takes some serious self drive.

I have to actually motivate myself to get out of bed. I have to layer more clothes. I have to warmup the car. I need to take the dog out in the cold. I need to mentally prepare to run in the cold. The list goes on.

But guess what I do it and so do many of my friends. We work on ourselves daily. It’s not a sprint to see the results. It’s a marathon. All along the way there can be hurdles, hiccups and hard ache but the mental push you give in that workout takes all that stress away. You are refreshed and ready for the day. Maybe a little sweaty so refreshed may be a bad physical description but it’s definitely a good mental and mindset description. 

This week I am doing two-a-days. As in two workouts in the same day. My regular grind for an hour then anywhere from an extra 30-50 minutes as part of an engine builder program our group of friends is doing. It’s exhausting but man it feels good.

Happy flex Friday to you all. Hope you get a workout in today. I have a CrossFit competition tomorrow. Look out for an upcoming post on that event in the coming days.

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