Girl Boss Hits Nashville


I wanted to write a blog post today after a busy business and play week in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a Saturday and although I don’t have time to write per se, I am making time to write. Why write? It is a form of expression and an outlet that I have chosen to share with the world in the most public fashion available to me. And the beauty of this type of writing is nobody is dictating the content or the outcome. It is the pure honesty of this writing that makes it so special.

The internet is my vehicle or means for expressing my words. My creative outlet. My audience is unknown and the acceptance of said writing is up for debate. I’m not publishing my rants on Facebook like some do, rather I’m writing to inspire others right here on our 2 CHX blog. My words are here for those who want to take the time to read and learn about others.

Today, after a hard CrossFit workout, I had a lot on my mind. I reflected on the last week of my life and what was on the horizon for the next couple of weeks and it was important for me to journal my thoughts. Hope you like what I put together.

As we all know, life is full of so many ups and even more downs but how you react to life’s challenges impacts your life path. With that being said we must all learn to take risks. Taking risks requires us to step outside of our comfort zone. For me this past week, I took a big risk and challenged myself professionally by conducting the largest number of in-person trainings I have done in a short four-day period, on the road, living out of a hotel, and juggling all of life’s daily grinds in the background. Just speaking in public can be physically and emotionally draining but to do it repeatedly is definitely a challenge of one’s mind, body and spirit.

While managing a mostly chaotic professional life, I always find time to unwind. Normally this includes time at my CrossFit gym or a gym I visit on my business trips. This week’s schedule didn’t permit for those sweat sessions so I needed alternatives. I was fortunate to link up with friends and family while on the road and enjoy some of what Nashville has to offer. From honky tonks to mural sites I didn’t miss a beat. Great food, great times, and just enough adventuring for me to sleep well and rise to grind another day. Work hard play hard is a necessity in my life.


I don’t have a typical day in the life but that’s what I like most about my life. The constant change of pace, scenery and people. It fuels my soul. This week on the road I impacted and interacted with hundreds of new faces. People and places I would never have seen had I not taken on this professional opportunity.

I shook hands, I hugged, I smiled and built rapport with some of the most diverse people in four short days. Talk about rewarding! I just filled my emotional tank for the weeks ahead. And all the while I was benefiting, but I was inspiring others too through storytelling. I didn’t think about worst case scenarios, I just rolled up my sleeves and did what I needed to do. One day after another until I could see the finish line.  I attacked each day with fearlessness and was able to enjoy the rewards that followed.

I trusted the process. I made a plan. I worked the plan. I survived and thrived. But now I know I can do it again. And why stop there? Why not up the stakes? Why not?

When we reflect, we learn. Reflection is a part of life. Whether you look in the mirror and see a need to change physically or you think about your life path and see a need to grow as a person, reflection is required.

The road ahead will always be filled with the unknown but that’s the beauty of it all. New challenges, new adventures, new memories, new learning experiences.

Chart your path. Change often. Change should become your new constant as life throws you curve balls. Adapt and roll with the punches. We only get one life to live. Are you living your best life?

Thank you to all the wonderful people that I crossed paths with in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. You helped me make memories and I am thankful for the growth experience.


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