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KT Nutrition Chronicles: Week 2

So here we are at week two and I am just realizing that I committed to making weekly updates so that in of itself is a stressor that I put on my plate. And, of course, we just flipped the calendar to September which means I have three birthdays to celebrate this month.

Three rounds of cake temptations but I will be sure to purchase cakes that are not my favorite to avoid the temptation. That’s my strategy anyway. One becoming a teenager, one entering adulthood and husband who probably wants a noteworthy gift but was he a good boy this year? I’ll be entering he poor house this month on a side note.

new week =new numbers! 175 carbs 70 fat and 130 protein. I little less than last week. Maybe about a 150 calories or so. Should be manageable. My coach wants me eating as much as I can while still loosing so my body will react when I start to cut. Let’s see how this goes. And I just added abs to my Christmas list and for that I will have an I CAN DO IT attitude and see how I fair. Competing with myself is the name of the game in week 2.

Since this week brought a holiday which is a challenge for some to stay focused with all the bbq’s and options to drink some cocktails. I purposely kept a low key weekend plan to curb any chances of bad choices. Well of course there were a couple of bad choices but we are all human and I am happy to say that I rolled in at about 90% on the performance scale this week.

how did 90% do on the weight scale? Well it kept me about the same. Well as of my final weigh-in this week let’s just say exactly the same. So my coach didn’t make me a blimp this week she showed me I could eat a ton more and maintain my weight. I will consider that progress for week one.

My coach also checked in with me by text and email to make sure I was holding myself accountable. We traded some emojis and jokes along the way too. She is a good fit for me and a general bad ass in the gym herself so that makes us mesh a little too.

on the serious side take a look at my section of the fridge: protein drinks, mixed greens, presliced cucumbers, asparagus, protein cookies, protein snack bars, salmon, grilled chicken, shrimp, rice, cheese sticks, prepared meals all ready to go. And that is the key, ready to go. I can grab a healthy bar, cheese stick and water and hit the road knowing I don’t hve to stop at the drive through and make a bad choice. The plan ahead strategy may take a little time on the front end but it pays dividends in the backend…..literally your back END!

and I don’t do this alone. I watch Instagram sites to get menu ideas and macro hack sites to get cliff notes on how to order my favorite Starbucks drink without all the fat but the same great taste. You have to be resourceful and maybe just maybe this blog will provide you the tools to be successful in your healthy living journey. I have lots of friends who live a healthy lifestyle so it’s easy to find somebody to adventure with. I also have somebody at home who helps me grill up my foods most weeks because I am a pretty bad cook! See below for my failed attempt at cooking up some asparagus.

#epicfail #icanburntoastandwater #iamarealjewelinthekitchenNOT

And I can turn green vegetables (aka asparagus) into charcoal sticks with minimal effort.  Hence why I should stay out of the kitchen. #firehazard #burnbabyburn

So for those of you who have excuses, use your resources and buy prepared meals if you are not good in the kitchen.

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