It started out with the warning. I had a crazy crew with me. We acted our shoe size more than our age, but we had so much fun. 

We squirted.

We flicked.

We stroked.

We squeezed.

We made such a mess.

We outright threw paint.

We called it art when we were done.

We loved dressing in our jumpsuits.

We had an absolute blast being us.

I suppose that is what the the evening was about. Splatting paint all over and calling it your art masterpiece. We all laughed. We all felt the ooey gooey of the paint seeping through crevices of our protective gear to hit our body. Some of us had paint in our hair. Some painted their shoes. We definitely started out in our bright white jumpsuits but soon ended up covered in color, mostly thanks to each individual’s shenanigans within our group. I would say that that none of us are plain, thus the color suits us just fine.

We had teens in attendance. We had the roaring 20’s represented. We had some dirty thirty girls in the mix.  A couple of 40-somethings. And then we had the master’s age group. The menopausal fifty-plus girls. The golden ones. Evidence all of these age groups can have fun together,  actively engaging and laughing together. I will not ever underestimate the power of that community bond. Precious memories made on this day.

This was a new take on a paint with guidance activity. I’ve done the painting pottery with my kids. I’ve done the sip and paint parties with the girls. I’ve attended many parties with paint but this one takes the cake. Such a blast for all. If you get a chance to get messy with your special group do it.

Hands on fun. It’s definitely a must do at some point. Heck I can’t wait to get to the old folks home one day and demand this as an activity. Off I go to find my next adventure. Everyone needs a little color splatter in their life to keep it interesting. Don’t you think?

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