Perfect Day

“Describe your perfect day in 4 words.”

We’ve been starting our day with positive thoughts and prompts in 3rd grade summer school. It’s part of our efforts to address the whole child and connect in meaningful ways with every student.

Boy, they were stumped on this. Then again, some of my students are shy or not used to sharing or speaking up. Many of them don’t know each other well.

So I went first.

Here’s my four:




-ice cream.

First, yes, I know ice cream is two words. And I could pretend it’s hyphenated but of course it isn’t. I’m just giving myself a pass on this. I maybe should have just said dessert but the truth is I’ve been thinking about ice cream often lately. I enjoy it, especially in the summer, but I’ve trained myself to really only have it when it is special, like homemade or unique. I haven’t had opportunities to have special ice cream so I’ve really been thinking about it.

The other words are more general. Nature could be the beach, or the mountains, or a hike or an outdoor swim or even staring up at the stars. But my perfect day would have to include some kind of outdoor natural experience.

Move…even though I move every day in one way or another, a perfect day wouldn’t be a rest day. My day is totally thrown off if I don’t do some kind of exercise right at the beginning.

Finally, friends. These could include family that I am friendly with. Although I like my alone time, maybe even more than most people, the perfect day would include sharing it with some friends.

Students chimed in with activities like basketball, football, reading. Some had a food or even a picnic. I asked friends who had their own take on their top four. It’s hard to narrow it down. Later I wondered if I should have included coffee. Or flowers (which could fall into “nature,” I guess.)

What would you say? What are your four ingredients to the perfect day?

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