When It Hits the Fan

Life is being extra lifey these days. I wrote about it recently and how I work to manage it.

Although I try to stay calm, lately there’s been a rant brewing. Here it goes.

I get life being lifey at times. But here’s what I don’t get.

You know the phrase “when the shit hits the fan?” When I used to use that phrase, that basically meant life bring lifey. Challenges. Bad things happen. Wrong decisions come home to roost.

In the past few days, this turn of phrase has come to my mind time and time again. But then I really thought about the image of it. Imagine a box fan whirring whirring whirring around. Then, enter shit, hitting it at top speed. What comes to mind?

Splashes? Spatter? Explosions? Spots? Disgustingness spread indiscriminately?

All. Over. The. Room. All over the people nearby. Just ruining so much. Everywhere. The fallout. Nothing is safe. Gagging and vomiting ensue. And yet, if you’re nearby, you’re affected by the mess and need to help clean it up.

Life being lifey is expected sometimes, but damn if people’s personal decisions don’t just spew shit all over the place lately. Innocent bystanders are left to clean up the mess.

Here’s how that’s looked in my world lately…People doing dumb stuff has left us sheltering mothers and children, taking care of extra dogs for weeks on end, doing the jobs of many others (in addition to our own), chasing other’s abandoned or neglected children, filling holes in life left and right. It’s left us scrambling, unsettled, cleaning up those messes others have made, wasting time and precious energy that is frankly already spoken for and needed elsewhere.

I don’t have a solution, just a suggestion for people to seriously consider foresight when making decisions. As much as some of us are trying to stupid-proof our lives, we are all interdependent. When you make an idiotic decision, very rarely do the impacts just stop with you. Think about it. Yes, most people are overwhelmed and on edge. Spewing shit all over the place doesn’t help matters. Think ahead. Try to keep it together. Prevent those preventable accidents or exposures, whatever it may be.

End rant.

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