author moments

Tidbits from the 2 Chicks


Why a blog?

We’ve been writing together for a while now.  Like many people, our lives and interests are wide and varied.  We both have our own ways of constantly learning and being curious about the world.  Writing and sharing them has become our habit, our interest, and our common pursuit.

We keep most of our ideas in a shared workspace online. We have dozens, even hundreds of writing ideas that range in length from a phrase or two to full book chapters.  We have been playing with the idea of a public site for our work for some time.  Many of our topics may never extend to the length of a book.  Some would “expire” before we could publish them in printed form.  A blog seemed like an ideal way to explore and share our wide-ranging ideas in a timely and dynamic way.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on any tidbits from 2 Chicks.  Although we usually start at the end, here we will always be in the middle.



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